Truths of parenting of special needs kids

Parenting of special needs kid’s sums up there lies struggle, parents get through a lot and there are too many questions creep in, how does it feel like to have kids with special needs? What makes you feel different raising special kids adequately rather than the normal ones? Is it a societal shame? Something always pops out of their mind bearing them down about their future in terms of getting a job or getting married. Will it be the societal pressure that will haunt them and get the better of them or will they step up and come over these extreme hurdles?

How does it feel like having kids with special needs? :

When things fall apart at its very beginning, there must exist a permanent planning, ways to deal with them and such is the case here with parents. They find themselves in a position of an absolute uphill task, and this is not how parents plan on spending their lives, they all want normal kids, raising kids with serious needs becomes an issue of fact for them.

Parents of special needs children might feel alone at times and seeing at other people’s kids something about them will definitely make them feel jealous, various things impede them on different stages as for an instance envisaging a normal life with a life of desperate care (in terms of the kids) brings in chaos. Hard to say but their trial life begins right at the moment they start raising such kids.

How do they (kids with special needs) act and look like?

Having said that they are definitely not the commoners, kids with such needs get through these particular things:

  • They act in a certain way
  • To be at a certain way and
  • To behave in a certain
  • Shouting madly wherever they are
  • They are unable to tell you what they want, or are they actually suffering from any pain
  • Unable to express their feelings
  • Parents dependent every time
  • Need of an extra care
  • They cannot walk, run or express like the commoners
  • They miss out a lot like not having friends and even get bullied at schools

Now these are exactly the problems they get through from their birth but this doesn’t make them having clues why they are this way or what should they adopt to be normal but this is exactly what makes them different from other kids (the commoners).

How Society’s Insignificance and pressure effects the parents?

Societal pressure mounts heavy on parents and remains a crucial factor raising their kids, they know their children will suffer in future from different aspects, society having majority of normal people will raise voices, and the amount of pressure the parents going through that particular time will speak volumes.

Now here are some of the factors these kids unintentionally have to suffer as society sees them to:

  • They are forced to act like the victims in the case
    • And people expect them to be grief stricken all the time which is not the case
    • Considered as attention seekers
    • They are treated as they are less than others or they don’t have to be treated because of the defects or call it lack of the blessings normal people have

The actual facts and adaptation:

  • People need to be understanding and not let this a concern, a debate or an issue that revolves around.
  • There comes a time when these kids would like to open up why they need wheelchair or why they need extra protection or care, all their parents have to do is just don’t let them pondering time and again, don’t let them become so curious as their curiosity gets ahead of them.
  • It really is not a shame or disgrace raising such kids but their parents must be proud of their kids and themselves for finding themselves in such ropes of life. Having left with nothing but societal pressure is definitely a dilemma but parents need to get over this.
  • Last but surely not the least to say that it’s okay to have such people around but one has to be mature enough to accept them, treat them the way they are rightful.

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