These are the cleaning and personal hygiène products that cannot be missing in a quarantine

Up to 15 days more than initially planned, the state of alarm decreed by the Government will be extended. Translation: 15 more days of preventive quarantine to curb the coronavirus spread curve. Buying essential products, moving to the workplace and going to health centers are one of the few reasons that allow it to be broken.

With online purchases of large stores reserved for people who cannot go to the center, it becomes essential to collect as many products as possible to try to break the insulation as few times as possible. Collaboration and citizen solidarity becomes a priority in these cases. In addition to food for subsistence, cleaning and personal hygiene goods are extremely important. These are the most necessary.

Personal hygiene

For hand washing, both organizations and experts agree: soap and water as fundamental elements. “In this way, we eliminate the virus from our skin completely,” says Dr.  Enriqueta Alomar, medical director of the Creu Blanca group . And it exemplifies it: « Surgeons, before operating, use hand soap for a deeper cleaning». As washing is urged frequently and for at least 20 seconds (although experts tend to be between 40 and 60), the better the products are sensitive to the skin. “They must be of neutral pH, with a number close to 5.5,” says the expert. And as all prevention is little, for subsequent drying, the professional opts for disposable tissues.” Keep your hand towel in the closet during the quarantine period.”

Hydroalcoholic solutions should also be on hand in case the situation of not having soap is found (because it has been exhausted, for example, and we hope that the order arrives). “Its use must be limited to situations in which it is not possible to have access to washing with soap and water,” warns the pharmacist Gema Herrerías . “In fact, hygiene should not be abused with alcohol-based products because they can excessively dry and affect the protective layer of the skin and alter our protective skin flora.” And, of course, it should not be done at home because of the risks involved .

This continuous washing of the hands causes dryness, irritations and, in case of sensitive epidermis, could lead to more serious problems. Dr. Ramírez Bellver, dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic , advises stocking up on “some corticosteroid cream and some topical antibiotic, to treat any injuries that may occur.” After washing, it should be hydrated. Moisturizers are recommended, especially after showering all over the body, which will also be washed with sensitive products.

Other products, for everyday use at any time, cannot be missing from the wardrobe. Herrerías lists them: «The shampoo for your hair type, the intimate hygiene gels or, in the case of people who put on make-up, oil-based make-up removers».

Home clean

According to data from the Henkel company on bleach, «8.5 out of 10 families in our country trust their properties. Its high effectiveness and affordable price make it an essential product in more than 14 million Spanish homes ». Denoted by its possible adverse health effects, it regains importance during the pandemic. Herrerías points to the need to clean with it. “Disinfection with household bleach in the bathroom as well as frequently used surfaces is necessary.”

To clean, instead of bleach, the chemistry Laura Bey proposes 75% ethanol as an alternative. Of course, in order to achieve the desired effect, he points out: “It must be maintained for an exposure time of at least one minute.”

Dr. Enriqueta Alomar recalls that the service is precisely one of the places where we find the most bacteria. And it is allowed to indicate some parts where sometimes the cloth is not passed. “We must clean taps, knobs, switches, and tiles.”

On the rags used to perform the cleaning, the doctor prefers that they be made of paper. “ They will later be disposed of in a bucket. We can also use fabric ones if they are washed at a high temperature after use ”.

For washing clothes,  detergent, already essential in everyday life, becomes relevant. And the use of additives that help fight pathogens is allowed. “We can use antibacterial products in an extraordinary way in our washes”,  highlights Dr. Alomar.

With these products, we would already be prepared to resist. Dr. Alomar takes one last tip. ” Make sure you have the right products sufficient cleaning for your entire quarantine. Keep them in a ventilated place and out of the reach of children ». The resources to endure entertaining during so many days of isolation already depend on personal tastes.

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