Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?

Many women become so discontented with their looks and their life that they consider cosmetic surgery as the only option left to them. There are many cases where a person’s life has been quite improved by cosmetic surgery, but other times it has failed to make any difference whatsoever. In fact, there have been cases where the person has suffered greatly from their surgery because it has failed so miserably; so before you rush off to the surgeon, write down a list of the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery for you.

Knowing your expectations is very important. Do you want to look like a super-model? Most cosmetic surgeons will tell you that unless you have the right bone structure, they can’t help you look like that. While a good cosmetic surgeon can certainly help you to improve your looks, there isn’t much they can do about bone structure. When seeking help from a surgeon, take a photo with you so he can better describe what you’ll look like afterwards.

Another factor to consider is the reason you want to change. Is it for yourself, or for your significant other? Do you think that changing your looks would help you get that promotion at work? Think again. The only person you should have cosmetic surgery for is yourself. There is certainly no guarantee that having bigger breasts will make your boyfriend love you more. Changing the shape of your nose is unlikely to get you a promotion.

That promotion at work is more likely to come about due to your increased self-esteem and confidence, rather than your altered looks. Why not try and boost your self -esteem without the operation? You could save yourself significant discomfort, time and money.

Ask yourself if you have self -esteem problems that could be sorted out by a psychologist rather than a surgeon, because you will still be the same person inside after the surgery that you were before it. Also remember that cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure with all the risks of any other operation. All surgery has some risk attached to it and you don’t want to go through all that suffering only to find it was not worth it.

non-smokers. It may be that by the time your achieve this; you’ll look so good that you won’t even need cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, it may well be that your looks are so improved after surgery that you find your whole life has been enhanced in ways you didn’t expect.

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