Interesting Facts about Your Dog’s Teeth

Dogs are loyal and friendly that is why they are more liked by people, but do you know about their teeth. Do you know how many teeth does a dog have?  Do you know for what purpose does it use them for?


Based on age, puppies start to have 28 milk teeth after four weeks. Around five months most puppies lose their milk teeth. By the sixth month, adult dogs finish then they have got 42 teeth. Having adult teeth is a painful period for puppies; they are like human babies when they start to have milk teeth.

Dogs and humans

Dogs have more teeth than humans. Humans start with 20 baby teeth. And then we lose these milk teeth as we get older and older. When we reach adulthood, average adults have 32 teeth: 4 canines, 12 molars, 4 wisdom teeth, and 8 incisors.

However they are arranged differently, our teeth are more similar to dogs’ teeth than you think. Like ours, dogs’ teeth are vulnerable to dental decay and gum diseases if their teeth are not properly taken care of. Thus dog owners should look after and clean their teeth regularly for lifelong health and happiness.

Dog’s teeth and their function

A dog’s teeth are magnificent. They are simply designed to tear, shred and grind all manner of foods.  Dogs have about 4 types of teeth:                       

Canines: their function is to hold object, devour food and fight back.

Incisors: they are small teeth and they are located in the front of the jaw. Their function is to get meat remnants from bones and to pick up items. A dog also uses them to nibble at itself.

Molars: they are in charge of breaking down hard items like bones. Adult dogs have ten molars located just behind the premolars.

Premolars: they are responsible for all the major chewing. Sometimes dogs use their premolars to rip meat from the bone too. There are four on both sides of the upper and lower jaws behind the canines.

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