How to help your cat lose weight using new technology

People, all over the world, associate smart technology with laziness. And being lazy means you are going to gain weight and worse than that you become overweight. In the contrary, technology can do totally the opposite. It can make you lose weight instead. And you can use it with your cat if it is overweight. But the most important question how to use technology for that purpose?

Why your cats are getting fatter

There are many reasons that cause cats’ overweight. Firstly, most cats are living indoors and this makes them less active and able to gain weight easily. Then, most of the cats’ food contains a lot of calories, and because the cats’ owners love them, they sometimes over-feed them. Another reason is age. This means that most cats become fat naturally as they become older.

Ideal Weight Means a Longer and Happier Life

A fact to bear in mind is that weight affects your cat’s life. Having the right weight means your cat will have a happy life. It will move around the house and in other places easily and comfortably. In the opposite, if your cat is overweight, it will find it difficult to move around, which means a tiresome. Would not it be a good thing to keep your cat in good shape?

Technologies to help cats lose weight

There are many programs to help your cat lose weight or keep being in the right weight:

. A Weight Management Tool for Cats

This online tool is designed to help the veterinary health care team in making nutritional assessments and recommendations to help their patients maintain or achieve their healthy weight. In this platform you fill in the information about your cat and you can get food recommendation for cat weight loss such as what food and how much, and then do your best to stick to it.

·         Automatic Cat Feeders

In the market you can find several types of automatic cat feeders. They are available to allow cat owners to control how much food your cat should eat a day and how many meals should it eat a day in an easy way. According to your preference, you have two options to control the settings of this device from your smartphone or directly on the device itself.

·         Pet Fitness monitor

For this purpose there is an application called BabelBark. Cat owners can use it to help their cats lose weight. Moreover, you can get help for other issue that concerns your cats’ health and life because BabelBark connects everyone in a pet’s life together: BizBark for pet businesses and shelters and BabelVet for veterinary hospitals and clinics. 

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