How do you remove unwanted hair? Here are 9 effective solutions to choose from

Excessive hair appears in various places on the body and face of many women, and this problem is one of the most bothersome annoying for females in general, therefore many of them resort to utilizing various products to avoid the appearance of unwanted hair. Knowing that many of these products are costly plus their results are not always guaranteed. As a result, if you’re wondering about How to Remove Unwanted Hairs, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with a collection of natural and effective recipes for removing unwanted hair.


1.Brown sugar with lemon juice


By using this mixture once a week, you can permanently remove unwanted hair. Simply combine three tablespoons of brown sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and three tablespoons of water to make a paste that is applied to the areas of hair growth in the direction of hair growth and left on the skin for 15 minutes. Then, in a circular motion, rub the skin and wash it with lukewarm water.   Important note: Remember that lemon works to lighten the skin and is an astringent for skin pores, while brown sugar works to remove excess hair.


2.Honey and lemon

It is considered one of the magical recipes to get rid of excess hair and prevent hair from growing back, by mixing two tablespoons of bee honey with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, then putting it on the skin in the direction of hair growth and massaging the skin every minute while leaving the mixture on the skin for 15 minutes. After this mixture has dried on the hairy skin, gently rub it and wash it with lukewarm water.   Repeat the honey and lemon recipe twice a week or once a month to remove unwanted hair. Important Note: You will find amazing results after several months of using this recipe, as the hair will become more delicate and will need long periods to grow again.


3.Starch and lemon

Mixing a spoonful of starch or oats with a few drops of lemon juice and applying it to the regions of excess hair is a terrific way to get rid of excess hair and narrow the pores of large skin. Allow 10 minutes for the mixture to soak in before gently massaging the skin and washing it with lukewarm water.   Important Note: Keep in mind that this oatmeal and lemon juice recipe not only removes excess hair but also smoothes your skin, restores its radiance, vitality, and firmness, and removes impurities such as dark spots, pimples, and redness.   Its natural ingredients are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants that rejuvenate its cells and prevent the appearance of signs of aging and fatigue.


4.Chickpea powder and turmeric

Don’t be surprised to learn that you can try this recipe and get good results! All you have to do is mix a spoonful of turmeric with a spoonful of chickpea powder and add to it a spoonful of curd, then put it on the skin for 10 minutes until it dries up and rub in a circular motion in the direction of hair growth, then wash the skin with lukewarm water, and repeat the turmeric recipe for hair removal once a week.


5.Bitter lupine

Bitter lupine helps to slow down the growth of unwanted hair on the body, but also by applying this recipe make sure that it will help you prevent the appearance of hair again on the body and face. It should be noted that bitter lupine whitens the body and increases its smoothness. Simply soak the crushed bitter lupine in water and leave it overnight until morning, then filter the mixture, then remove the hair with wax, or shave, and wipe the lupine soaked on the skin daily for at least two weeks, and you will notice slow hair growth in those areas and you will reduce the number of times of hair removal by following the lupine recipe.


6.Lavender and tea tree oils

There are some oils that are believed to be useful in removing unwanted hair, such as lavender and tea tree oils, which have anti-androgen properties, which are male hormones, reflecting the effect of hormonal changes that lead to the appearance of hair. So, to try this mixture, all you have to do is mix one part of tea tree oil with 5 parts of lavender oil, and apply the mixture to the areas you want to remove hair from twice a day.   Important Note:  When using one of these oils, you may experience skin irritation. Allergic reactions such as itching.

 7.Oil Massage

When you regularly get a hot oil massage, the friction on your skin causes your hair to thin and lighten. Over time, regular massage can actually help close down the hair roots. So, in addition to reduced hair growth, you also get a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Isn’t that fascinating? In this case, use any oil that you are sure will help you remove unwanted hair.


8.Garlic Juice and Honey

Garlic is another essential ingredient that is easily accessible or can be found in your kitchen. Simply take a few garlic cloves, smash them, and extract the juice. Dip a cotton ball in the garlic and honey juice and apply it to the areas of your skin with unwanted hair. Leave it on for 15–20 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. After that, apply your favorite moisturizer to get rid of the garlic’s pungent odor. Garlic is a good source of sulfur, selenium, and zinc, all of which help remove hair. Important Note: If you have sensitive skin, we recommend avoiding this recipe; also, it is best to use this recipe when you are not exposed to the sun’s rays. Also, if you have acne, stay away from this recipe totally.

9.Egg mask

This egg mask can significantly reduce excessive skin hair growth. After applying it, ensure that the mixture adheres to every hair on your skin and then assists you in peeling off the excess hair once it dries. This mask will also nourish your skin because eggs contain proteins that replenish the collagen your skin requires after a long day.   To make this magical mask, simply take a bowl and combine an egg white with a tablespoon of cornstarch and sugar. Continue whisking until the mixture is smooth. Apply the mask to your face. Allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. When the mask has dried and hardened, quickly peel it off. After peeling, rinse your face with cold water.