How Can Alcohol Affect Your Body

No one can deny the pleasurable effect of drinking alcohol, a lot of people feel relaxed and happy .people resort to drinking alcohol when they feel stressed or they have a bad day at work, but they forget the negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. In this article, we will shed light on some undesirable outcomes of being addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol affects your body quickly after the first sup it is absorbed into your blood and move quickly to all parts of your body The brain is considered as the control room of the body, and it is what makes the body parts work, the effect of drinking alcohol to the brain goes very fast, your brain shrinks, and it makes it hard for you to think properly and in addition to that alcohol deteriorate your memory. We have three types of memory. We have the sensory memory that lasts a few seconds, the short-term memory, which lasts a handful of minutes, and the long-term memory that is known as a storage. Drinking alcohol will affect all of them.

The liver

The liver is responsible for filtering the blood and destroying the toxins  The 20 % of alcohol we drink get assimilated in bloodstream and rest in the stomach and alcohol that is absorbed by stomach moved to the liver where it is broken down into water fat and carbon dioxide, while you drink, the liver need more water to break down the alcohol and drinking alcohol lead excessive urination. In this process, water is transferred from other parts of the body to the liver, which causes dehydration, and then an enzyme called acetaldehyde is produced which can damage liver cells and cause permanent scarring, as well as harm to the brain and stomach lining. This is what causes a hangover.   


The stomach is responsible for storing and mixing food and drink that has been eaten. Alcohol can affect the function of the stomach .it makes the stomach produce acid more than usual which result in stomach ability to kill the bacteria in the stomach which allow harmful bacteria to enter the upper small intestine. In addition to that, alcohol results in inflammation and irritation in the stomach lining that leads to ulcers and bleeding of the stomach

Heart :

Alcohol can result in some heart problems. being addicted to alcohol can lead to high blood pressure which may result in having a heart attack. And in addition to that excessive drinking causes weight gain which causes the weakness of heart muscle . And the heart can not pump blood properly. Alcohol is high in calories and contains a big amount of sugar that causes added weight that is one of biggest reason of having a heart attack and diabetes

Skin problems :

alcohol can cause skin problems because of several reasons. Firstly. The liver becomes weak, and that’s what leads to reducing the ability to fight the harmful toxins from the body and then the skin get affected. Secondly, drinking too much alcohol is a reason of depleting the reservoir of vitamins in the body that are very important for the skin, and this can cause skin problems.

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