Common types of eating disorders

Eating disorders are mostly caused by carelessness, negligence in eating and routine. It indicates irregularity in habits, inconsistency in getting the nutrition that human body needs at its regular time. You are quite familiar with the fact that how inactivity produces restlessness and disruption to your lives.

Here are some most common types of eating disorders, have a look:

1.Anorexia Nervosa

The type of disease that restricts majority of women in particular and men in a few cases to refrain from specific foods that causes overweight. Even underweight becomes a serious concerns at various ages. People suffering from this very disease remains in fear whether they are gaining weight or they should be more than careful in terms of eating.

     2. Bulimia Nervosa

Here the story is completely different, people with such disease eat bulk of food regardless of overweight or any issue. In order to get themselves fully done with eating people often used to eat a huge amount of food in merely short period or regular intervals. However people having bulimia nervosa are not afraid of gaining overweight or getting fat.

     3. Binge Eating Disorder

There is a bit of similarity between bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder as both diseases are caused by overeating while one cannot stop himself from consuming more food. This disease has nothing to take with overweighting, as it can affect both men and women of reasonable weight. It can cause depression and anxiety in case of carelessness.

     4. Pica

Pica is mostly found in children comparatively adults and it is considered a very harmful disease. Children may also fall prey to mental disabilities and illness. They have a high risk of food poisoning and infection issues. Whereas children often desires to eat the uneatable materials like soil and dust etc.

     5. Rumination Disorder

Rumination disorder owns no age, it occurs to infant (babies), childhood as well as adulthood. It has been a very serious disease because of the fact that if it is not avoided or people who fail to get rid of this on given amount of time may become relatively very week or lose weight. But there is a caution for the infected people to avoid or restrict excessive food in public.

     6. Avoidant or Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

ARFID is a common disease occurs in infancy and also lead to childhood or adulthood. This type of disease deals with people who are having difficulty in getting food of their interest as they remain unsure on certain foods due to their own assumptions, the food either smells bad, or it is not cooked well and it may not be tasty enough. Children of this disease are often pissed off due to disturbed eating habits and getting their desire food.

     7. Purging Disorder

Purging is another type of disorder in which people are dependent on healthy ingredients, although they have a major issue with vomiting. They are not keen on their actual shape and body, weight becomes quite a concern for them and to remain in shape they tend to exercise excessively. However people are not worried about eating but the only thing that bothers them is the kind of food that causes vomiting.

      8. Night eating syndrome

Night eating syndrome is not fatal comparatively other diseases but individuals of this disease are fond of eating too much even after napping they can consume a lot of food. However it does affect them but a little care is guaranteed in case of overweighting.

      9. Orthorexia

Individuals here form an obsession with excessive food any time possible regardless of knowing how it can be a cause of their emotional life, they remain depressed each now and then, and undoubtedly there are precautions of losing weight unless they compromise on their eating habits.

10. Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)

The type of disease that brings stress and anxiety as well as interruption in the life of an individual which resists him/her to act moderately. EDNOS does not fall in the category of other diseases but is havoc and merely found in almost every individual as everyone these days are suffering from a kind of depression.

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