30 Ways to have your best Skin!

  1. Let’s find out those ways

1-Go Natural

Taking care of your skin naturally is the best possible way to enhance you skin’s condition. If you are using some sort of skincare products which contains harmful chemicals and toxins, you must get rid of those first.  Try out natural things like aloe vera, lemon etc to make your skin healthy instead of using these harmful products that give more harm than good.

 2-Become BFFS with Phytonutrients
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Phytonutrients are related to a wide range of health requirements, including cancer prevention and recovery, heart disease, memory loss and osteoporosis, skin disorders and skin aging processes. There is a broad variety of phytonutrients, each with different health-enhancing mechanisms.

3-Wear Sunscreenmeilleure peau

Sunscreen is a great way of protecting your skin against direct sun rays that may be harmful for the skin especially for the facial skin because that part is very sensitive. Try to use sunscreen when you go out. Pick the sunscreen that do not have harmful chemicals in it. Try to use a mild one. You’ll see a great difference in your skin’s health.

 4-Drink More Watermeilleure peau

Skin is like every other part of the body and an organ. There are several cells in your skin. So cells of the skin are made up of water, like every other cell of the body. The organs would certainly not function properly or in the best way possible without water.

When your skin does not get enough water, the absence of hydration can occur if the skin is hot, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resistance and is more vulnerable to ageing. It is suggested to drink as much water as you can around 8 glasses a day to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

5-Avoid sugar at any cost

While sugar gives you more acne and wrinkles, there is an increased inflammation that can make your skin look toxic or swollen. Rosacea, where the blood vessels in the face expand and give rude appearance, is one of the skin conditions associated with inflammation. It is advised to avoid sugar in your diet and almost 80% of your skin issues will get resolved!

6-Get Regular Facials

`Facial is an effective way to keep the skin alive. There are different kinds of facials for ach skin type. You can have one which is best suitable for your skin. Facials are a great source of maintaining hygiene of your face. It is not obvious to go to a saloon for facial, You can do it yourself by applying natural skincare products on your face and you’ll be amazed by the results.

It is suggested to do facial once in 15 days for good results.

7-Have some Green Tea

The benefits of green tea vary from improved brain activity to weight loss promotion. However, green tea does not only have a great mind and body properties. It can improve the skin, too. So we can say that Green tea is not only a safe way to fix your caffeine but it’s also a fast way to improve your skin. You can have two cups of green tea in a day and you can also apply green tea masks on face for better results.

8-Stop Staying Up So Latemeilleure peau

Sleeping well is an important factor in maintaining not only your overall body’s health but also your skin health. When you sleep well, your hormones level are balanced and your overall body working gets better. Your skin gets more time for relaxation and as a result, you look more gorgeous and fresh. It is advised by the doctors to have a sound sleep for about 8 hours probably from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. This is the best time when you can have peaceful sleep.

9-Moisturize A lot

Moisturizing your skin is as important as watering a plant. Yes, you heard it right! Many people think that only dry skin needs moisturizer, but that’s not at all true. If you have oily skin and you don’t believe you need it, you must do a research on it. Regardless of what sort of skin your skin is, it needs moisturization to look the best. You can use mild moisturizers or natural moisturizer like aloe vera gel that has no side effect on the skin and makes your skin stay fresh and hydrated for long.

10-Switching your hair products

Using wrong hair products can also cause skin damage. If your scalp is really dry, you skin will be effected too.

Your skin and your pillowcases are constantly rubbing all day long. And you could end up with cluttered pores because of that, if they’re too thick or oily. Search for more natural solutions without fragrance, sulfates and other irritative additives.

11-Changing your Pillow Case

Pillow is what directly interacts with your facial skin. You need to change these things as much as possible as you think about pillowcases. You can feel, for up to 8 hours a night, how much dirt and oil it gathers in time and rub your face and hair on it. Change your pillow cover at least once a week in your laundry, if not more, to keep it as clean as possible.

12-Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products are made out of dairy cow’s milk. Artificial hormones are given to dairy cows to enhance their milk supply. Researchers recommend to trust these hormones if you eat dairy products to throw off the balance of your hormones. This can cause acne. Another hypothesis is that in milk, growth hormones inevitably intensify acne regardless of what.

Dairy products also interrupt the level of insulin and make skin more likely to become acne in combination with high levels of refined food and added sugars in West diets.

Acne is not caused equally by all dairy products. Some reputable sources studies have found skim milk to be the most probable cause of acne. So it is highly advised to stop excessive use of dairy products if you want healthier skin.

13-Control Stress Levels

Stress is a major factor of your inner and outer appearance. This means the more you are stressed, the more you’ll look tired and exhausted from outside and you’ll feel tired from inside. It is recommended to make sure you do not stress your mind in useless stuff.  You can easily get rid of  stress by doing some exercise or yoga to relax your nerves. Once you

14-Avoid touching your face frequent

Some people have bad habit of constantly touching the face when they have acne or even if they don’t have acne they continue to play with their face. However, the one thing they probably don’t worry about is how many germs and bacteria they release into your pores. They might note that the face begins to clear when you leave your habits.

15-Stay in shade

You also spent a lot of time lying in the sun trying to get the perfect tan when you were younger. But, when you’re looking for great skin, you’ll want to look for shade whenever you can. The sun’s rays are highest at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. so keep covered, be it with a hat or a stay underneath a shady tree to protect your skin.

16-Protect the skin form cold

When winter turns around, people seem to forget how dull their skin is at cold temperatures. It may not feel like you are doing harm, but it can easily be seen from finger, foot, mouth, nose, and cheeks anywhere in snow. It can’t be harmful for you. Just as in the summer you cover your skin, keep it warm, even when you don’t think that you need to bundle it up in winter.

17-Take skin care Supplements

Try out some more supplements if you’re looking for an simple way to improve your skin. There are a broad variety of different combinations that are full of the most radiant skin, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Many of

you are also like to add powdered supplements to literally add to your coffee or smoothies in the morning. This technique works too!

18-Shave more gently

Shaving is not something on which people normally spend a long time. As fun as that would be, it takes most days to pick up the razor, wet it and fill it quickly over your axes and any areas where rapid clearing is required. It’s not shocking, however, that’s not the best skin form. Take your time to make your skin look as good as possible with clear shaving gel.

19-Try out the Double masks

Facial masks works amazing for maintenance of healthy skin. In spite of only one mask, double masks are now available in market to consume. These masks make sure to keep good moisture in your skin without making it look oily. As a result, your skin feels much better and fresh.

20-Visit your dermatologist regularly

It is important to pay regular visits to your skin specialist or dermatologist. We can not only search for odd wrinkles or marks on your face, they can also guide you in the right direction to ensure your unique skin type always looks the best.

21-Think about having a Facial Roller

 Facial Rollers do amazing things for your skin. Celebrities especially use the jade rollers made from jade stone that can lead to anything from improved blood circulation and skin elasticity to a decreased circle and wrinkle under the eyes. Therefore, they are great fun to use and to relax.

22-Be makeup free as much as you canmeilleure peau

Makeup no doubt enhances the beauty but it must be removed properly. It is also nice to give your skin a break sometimes as simple as getting used to doing your make-up every day. If it is just the weekends when you get home after work and not before bed, you can see a nice shine and glow when you give your face some air.

23-Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating the skin is as important as exfoliating your stomach. You can get rid of extra toxins and excessive dead cells on your skin by exfoliating in a proper way. Just use a mild scrub or cream, rub it in circular motion on your face and after 15 minutes, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to moisturize after you exfoliate.

24-Use Facial Oils

Oils benefits your skin too. Applying a few drops a day and massaging it will help with dryness, acne and any other skin issues that you face. Just make sure that you go as naturally as possible in choosing the right product.

25-Clean your Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes need to be cleansed like any other tool used on the face. These brushes come in direct contact with your facial skin. If there is dirt inside them, your face can get rashes, pimples or itchiness. So it is always suggested to wash your makeup brushes regularly to void any harm of the skin.

26-Be gentle with your skinmeilleure peau

Do not apply creams or serums very harshly on your face. You may damage your skin doing so. Be gentle and use soft hands to moisturize or cleanse the facial skin. Another benefit of being gentle with the skin is that you’ll feel more relaxed as well.

27-Do not spend much time in taking bath

The body’s natural oil can be compromised by being in hot over for a long time. As good as it is, the skin is impacted. Keep them to a minimum and hang on to warm water in order to prevent dryness and other skin problems.

28-Invest in Houseplants

This may seem odd but houseplants will actually support your health. Greenery at home is an ideal way to improve air quality and toxins can’t damage the skin if the air is clean. Connect some popular air purifiers such as spiny plants, aloe vera and fiddle leaf figs to your life, and make your respiration more simple.

29-Stop smoking

You have heard that “Smoking Kills” Yes it actually kills. Not like a murdered but in such a way that you won’t be able to get healthy again. As smoking damages the lungs yet it has a diverse effect on your overall body including skin. It is much advisable to avoid smoking in order to maintain your skin health.

30-Avoid using other’s towel

Always try to use your own towel to dry your face. Do not use anyone else’s towel or drying cloth. You never know what infections other person’s towel is carrying, so try to avoid using others towel to protect your skin against germs.

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