12 causes and symptoms of bad breath

Bad breath is not just the result of not brushing often enough. Sometimes the little things we do (or don’t do) can contribute to bad breath. You might think you are on top of your oral hygiene routine but still seem to suffer from bad breath.

1 Not drinking enough water:

If you don’t drink enough water, you get dehydrated, decreasing saliva production in the mouth. Drinking water regularly also rinses out food particles stuck between your teeth before they have a chance to break down in the mouth.

2 Breathing through your mouth:

You may do this often without even realizing it. If you often wake up with a dry mouth, there is a chance that you breathe through your mouth when asleep. Some people start mouth-breathing after strenuous exercise. But this can quickly dry out your mouth, giving you bad breath.

3 Skipping meals:

We all know that eating certain food types can give you bad breath. But did you know that not eating at all can do that too? Skipping meals means less chewing. Less chewing means less saliva production in your mouth. Less saliva means more bad breath.

4 Smoking:

Smoking doesn’t just give you a temporary tobacco-breath. It also leads to an increase in certain compounds in your mouth and lungs that contribute to bad breath. Besides, regular smoking also dries out your mouth, making the bad breath problem worse.

5 A low-carb diet:

Some studies have shown that drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake can lead to increased bad breath. This is because when on a low-carb diet, your body begins to burn fat-releasing a compound known as ketones, which can lead to your breath smelling funny.

6 Fasting :

an extreme weight-loss diet, or a low-carb diet can cause bad breath. This is because the body releases chemicals called ketones to break down fats. It reaches the mouth causing bad breath. Such type of bad breath cannot be eliminated unless you change your diet.

7 Neglecting oral hygiene :

Neglecting to brush the teeth leads to the accumulation of food debris and the appearance of plaque on the teeth, and the expansion of this layer can lead to infections and problems in the gums and teeth.

8 Health problems :

Health problems the putrid smell of the mouth can be caused by other diseases, including diabetes, GERD, pneumonia, and sore throat, in addition to brush the teeth and stomach problems and sometimes liver and kidney function disorders.

9 Allergy :

Allergy medications Medicines for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis can cause dry mouth, and thus the appearance of a bad smell.

10 Alcohol :

Drinking alcohol and taking nutritional supplements can be one of the causes of bad mouth smell, according to several studies.

11 Pregnancy :

Pregnancy is not considered an independent cause of bad breath, but nausea experienced by pregnant women and hormonal changes may cause this smell.

12 Respiratory infection :

Respiratory infection and inflammation, bronchiectasis (irreversible expansion, caused by suppurative inflammation, leading to damage to the bronchi walls. Lung abscess containing necrotic debris or fluid caused by bacterial infection.

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 Symptoms of bad breath can include:

A person may get a  white coating on the tongue, particularly at the back of the language, resulting in a dry mouth.

-Post-nasal drip, or mucous.

– bad breath and a burning tongue in the morning.

-Sour, bitter metallic taste in the mouth.

Some people worry about their breath even though they have little or no mouth smell, while others have bad breath and are not aware of it. Because it’s difficult to assess how your breath smells, ask your friends to confirm your bad-breath questions. and get rid of it.

One can avoid such severe diseases by taking good care of their teeth. Below is some crucial diagnosis:

-Drink a lot of water: Make sure that you drink water after every meal. Water is one of the best natural elements that can help remove the toxin from your body. Similarly, it helps remove food particles or acidic content from your mouth. This further reduces the possibility of plaque or cavities, which settle in your mouth and becomes a significant factor in bad breath.

-Brush twice a day: Brushing our teeth is very effective in reducing bad breath. Remember to brush two times a day, after waking up in the morning and before bed at night. You will see a change within a week if you are using charcoal toothpaste along with a charcoal toothbrush. You shouldn’t be in a hurry while brushing your teeth, and you should take 2 minutes to clean your teeth properly.

-Diet change: Eating fast food or junk items daily or even sugary things may damage your teeth and ruin your oral hygiene. Make sure to eat a healthy diet and plan your diet so that you won’t have to waste any crucial minute in creating a diet plan. It would be best if you made a diet plan every weekend for next week so that you can buy the required food for the entire week.

-Bad breath is related to food, poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, and specific medical situations, and  Bad breath might have a systemic or oral basis. Besides, poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath because when you leave food particles in your mouth, pieces of food get rot and begin to smell. Seldom liver or kidney problems can also cause bad breath. Smoking is also the leading cause of bad breath. And Mouthwash only gets rid of bad breath momentarily.

We are all born with a beautiful set of teeth or teeth without any issue, but our lifestyle or habits damage our beautiful smile. It isn’t hard to maintain beauty until your work for it. Be happy and don’t stress even if you have bad breath. Just work on getting rid of this issue. Remember, enough care can cure any disease.


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