10 fat burning exercises to do at home

Wander or not, it’s about time you get in shape. We help you with 10 exercises to do at home , they are fat burning and special for those who are not addicted to the gym. Based on the Pronokal training method, you will not regret the little effort we ask of you.

1 Squats

Exercise table to do at home: squats


A chair can be your best work bench for leg squats, as this fat-burning exercise mimics the act of sitting and getting up. Very important: when you go down, put your ass back and feel the weight on your heels; that your knees are always in a straight line with your heels, never ahead. Your feet should be parallel and shoulder width apart. You can also more easily perform this gesture by leaning your back against a wall.



Home exercise chart: stridesGETTY IMAGES

This exercise burns fat also “crushes” the butt and leaves it hard as a stone. To do this, spread your feet shoulder width apart and bring one leg back: the front leg will be flexed and the back leg with the heel up. Lean on the leg that is bent or grab a few weights and go up and down. Remember that when going down, your knee cannot be in front of your ankle, so put the weight on your back leg. Always maintain the natural curvatures of the back.

3 Abductors I

Table of exercises to do at home: Abductors

Lie on one side of your body and keep your head resting on one arm while the other supports you in front to maintain balance. Raise your upper leg to hip height. The tip of the foot faces the front.

4 Abductors II

Table of exercises to do at home: abductors



Lying on the floor on your side with your floor leg stretched out. The top leg will be resting on the ground in front of the other. The head supported. Raise the base leg as much as possible and return to the starting position slowly.

5 Pelvis lift

Exercise table to do at home: pelvic lift



Lying on your back, with your knees semi-flexed and supporting your feet, you raise your pelvis and the lower part of the floor, leaning only on your shoulder blades. For greater difficulty you can stretch one leg up, in extension with the trunk.

6 Transverse


Properly toning the transverse abdominal we can reduce our waist circumference. Due to their simplicity, they can be held for a long time, although try not to exceed periods of more than 10 or 15 seconds. It can be simplified by supporting the knees or adding difficulty by stretching an arm in line with the trunk line.


7 Backgrounds

Home exercise chart: backgrounds



On the floor, on a mat, support your knees, cross your feet and open your arms wide. Make sure that your body forms a straight line in which the butt does not protrude. Go down trying to get your chest to the ground, not your gut. You can do this by supporting the balls of your feet or stretching your legs if you feel strong.

8 triceps

Exercise table to do at home: triceps



Sit on the edge of a chair or bench that won’t move, with your hands facing forward and your heels flat on the floor. With your back straight, keep only supported with arms and feet. Flex and extend your elbows.

9 Bicycle

Exercise table to do at home: bicycle



Adjust the height of the saddle so that, in the lowest pedaling position, the heel touches the pedal slightly and the knee is slightly flexed. Keep your back straight and pedal like on a conventional bike. Try to make the movement regular and rhythmic and keep your back as much as possible with its natural curves. About 20 minutes or half an hour would be recommended.

10 Elliptical

Exercise table to do at home: elliptical



Place your feet on the pedals, making sure that the toes point forward. Keep your hands in line with your forearms. The speed can be regulated from the movement of the legs. Try to make the movement regular and rhythmic and keep your back as much as possible with its natural curves.

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